You can use your VISA or other credit cards to purchase your mining contract from Genesis-Mining - about the only hang up that your PERFECTLY VALID CREDIT CARD may be DENIED (as it is an out of country purchase of a service) - you may very well have to call VISA or your credit card company before hand or after - but this is what may hang you up.

Now that you are ready to sign up at Genesis-Mining - here are those links - 

Using this link - will earn me Hashpower - should you end up purchasing a Hashpower Mining Contract (you can also use the link - and THEN use my promo code below to save YOU MONEY)

Using this PROMO code (where it asks you) - will save you 3% on your purchase immediately - simply copy and paste lcS0Un - (I only get one boost in Hashpower even if you use both links.)

Make sure to share YOUR affiliate links with your friends once you become a miner yourself.